A Video. A Purpose.

We live in a visual world with a short attention span, so expressing your brand message effectively requires you to be clear, creative, and concise. Fortunately, with the combined strength of moving pictures, sound, and music, video is the most powerful communication tool available to your business and is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Johnson Design and Video can write and produce content for your website, for television and for social media.

Brand Ad

Often used as a TV Commercial – can tell your potential customers what you’re all about in a short amount of time. The most effective brand videos include emotion, humor, creative storytelling, and intricate sound design.


If you want to skip the glamour and tell your customers who you are in a no-nonsense way, an overview video is a great way to do it. In a short 2-3 minute interview, we’ll help you explain who you are, what your business does, how you set yourself apart, and why potential customers should give you a try.


Similar in style to an overview video, a testimonial shares who you are from the lips of a satisfied customer or client.


If you work for a church or non profit organization, a fundraising video may be perfect for your upcoming campaign. It’s a great way to package important information in a fun, effective, and positively charged video.


Whether you need to attract new employees or teach those employees the ins and outs of their job, a video can save you a lot of time and a lot of breath.


A Legacy video is a highly personal video that pays homage to a person or a company. It explores the historical and social impact of said person or company. Legacy videos are great for annual meetings and social events.

Event Coverage

If you have an event you want captured, give us a call. We capture conferences, weddings, concerts, ribbon cuttings, social events, and more. We can produce a short video to recap the event or a full length polished edit for your archives using a multi-camera setup and professional sound gear.

Product Demo

Product Demonstration Videos are a great way to highlight unique inventions and merchandise. These videos can utilize live video, animation, and motion graphics to demonstrate the value of your specific product.